(Doodled by Hunter and RetSam)

    I am improving! --------- I yam mim pru ving
    I believe in myself. --------- I be lee vin my self
    People feel happy when they see me.  --------- pee pl
    I can be whatever I want to be. --------- wha de ver

    I'm lucky!
    I feel happy!
    I always ma(ke) goo(d) choices. --------- ai yal wayz
    Goo(d) things happen to me all the time.

    I-am-a goo(d)frien(d)to myself. --------- ai yam ma
    I'm-a goo(d) lis(t)ener. --------- lis(t)en
    I-as(k) goo(d...
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