I wish I had learned about spiritual knowledge in school, because by that we can understand better about our true selves and the meaning of life. I was lucky enough to have access to some spiritual knowledge right after I graduated from the university. Before that, I had a lot of painful experiences and suffered from health problems.

After years of observation and learning, I've figured that the reason why this important piece is missing in our education system is that they don't want us to see the truth. The truth is that the system is lacking of unconditional love. They love us only if we become what they want us to be. Allowing the students to see that truth doesn't serve their purpose at all.

What I mean by spiritual knowledge is more about Self-observation, Self-discovery, Self-correction, Self-balancing and Self-healing, etc. Since it will not be available in school any time soon, let's hope more and more parents will have the time and knowledge to demonstrate for their children.

Love and Light,