Written By RetSam 2009.07.20
Edited By RetSam 2011.05.14

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the world! (Even though I am not sure if you are liking it) I hope you will have a wonderful journey here. The world is just like a boarding school for all of us. Everyone is a teacher and a student, having something to share and so much to learn.

What are you going to learn? There will be different lessons for different reasons. Why do you need these lessons and what's behind them is the point. To figure out the point is your own responsibility. How to do that? There is only one way —— to live your life and keep balancing yourself. There are always signs showing up around you and hints popping up from your heart, to help you find your own ways and pass the tests. All you have to do is to watch and listen carefully. You will need to practise to listen to the little voice in your heart though, otherwise it gets lower and lower, and finally you can't hear it at all.

During your journey, anything can happen. But no matter what happens to you, please do not blame others or the "boarding school". The only one could be blamed is you because you must have a seed inside that's drawing the painful experience to you. Oh! There is a better option. That is to blame nobody and just accept your errors with more of your unconditional love. Once you can accept the error and then correct it, you will achieve spiritual growth.

Everyone has two energy flows inside, the light and the dark. It's your responsibility to decide which one to be the boss. It's your responsibility to keep the balance between them to achieve your inner peace. Whenever you see someone's demonstrating his imbalance, anger or hatred mostly, it means he has chosen to let his dark dominate. There is an unlearned lesson coming at him. Maybe your parents or older friends have more life experiences than you do, but that doesn't mean they are better at handling their imbalance, or they have the rights to disrespect you. Physically we grow with age, but spiritually we don't grow until we learn our lessons. So you need to develop your balancing ability and stand for yourself when needed.

They are easier said than done? You are right about that, and that's why we need to keep learning and practicing!

Best wishes,