I found that many of us tend to solve a problem from the wrong end, trying to distract ourselves from the problem, hoping that the probelm will just fade away or solve itself. But I am sorry to tell that it is not going to happen. What we did just created a perfect hideout for the problem and darkness to grow. Further more, because we chose not to face the problem, we are feeding it with our fear, which is a powerful negative energy. The darkness will affect your life in different ways without being noticed, using your imbalanced emotions to cover the truths.

So what do we do? Simply we need to realize that “Everyone is a God. We create our life experiences.” It may sound ridiculous to you? or even offending to your belief? But wait a second, every new knowledge sounds ridiculous to people at the beginning. So please keep your mind open, which is the only way for us to find the truth.

Now think about it. What makes a God a God? God creates, creates things that never existed, so do we. God has unlimited energy, so have we. Signs are everywhere, as long as your eyes are open and you are really looking. Maybe our creating process is not as fast as you thought, but we do have our hearts to feel, our heads to analyze and calculate, our hands to impliment. That how we create things.

Are you wondering why are we here since we are all Gods? This question implies that you are thinking God is perfect. In fact, he isn’t. Perfect means stop growing, death and an end. God is always learning, balancing, growing and perfecting. To make it easier to understand, the situation is like Gods are playing RPG games on Earth. Every human being is like an account for them. Some skillful Gods may have different accounts and driving them around at the same time. By playing the RPG games, Gods apply the knowledge they have learned before and practise and improve their skills, more importantly get to know more about themselves and where to adjust. Interestingly, these accounts are a little more complicated than those in our computer games, because every human being has his own personality and belief system. The player(God) can only send messages or signals through human being’s heart. But because of the noise inside most of human beings, those important messages are often ignored. That’s why there can be so many hassles and chaos in this world. After all, you are actually much more than your body, your thinkings or your feelings. You have amazing creativity and the greatest love energy, which means nothing can stop you moving forward and you are full of possibilities!

If you are suffering from your past or living a hard life, here might be some important knowledge for you. We, as Gods, create our life experiences(good and bad ones). Ever since you choose to accept the responsibility of all your life experiences, you will be able to stop blaming the outside world or running away from your fear and pain. On the contrary, you will start seeking for reasons inside you —— Why did I create those experiences? What are the seeds inside me? What should I learn from them to make myself a better spirit? And more ……

Always remember when you are running away from your responsibility, you are giving up your strength too! You are losing to your fear, which preventing you from seeing your strength. What can we do? Simply go back and pick up your responsibility and your strength! It means you are about to accept 2 truths, (a) it was YOU who created the experience, (b) you have the STRENGTH to overcome the difficulty, learn from the experience and make yourself a better being. It may not be easy at the beginning, but keep reminding yourself of the truths. Once you got them, nothing can stop you from fulfilling your dreams anymore.

To move forward, we need to learn from our past and then let them go. But in many cases, our hatred make us to hold on to things, once you are hating something, you are no longer free. You are bounded to it, you are not able to let it go. To set free ourselves, we need to develop our LOVE. It’s easy to love your friends, but hard to love your enemies, right? That means conditional love is easy, it is unconditional love that is the hard part. Inside you, there are your best friend and worst enemy, who are always there with you. So to accept your whole self, you need to develop your unconditional love, which allows you to love your light side , your dark side, your friends, your enemies, everything……

All you have to do is to believe. Believe in yourself, believe that you have the responsibility and strength. And then, you will find you own ways and things will fall into place for you too. Hope you can balance yourself and enjoy this learning process ——- Life.

Love and Light,